I’m gone

Good times can't last forever
The best days are gone
The sun set on my better days
Now it's just past dawn
Waking up to my new self
Not sure now who I am
I need someone to help me
And no one gives a damn
Looking back, I had it good
But only wanted more.
Then, I was full of life
Now, I'm just a bore
This isn't who I thought I'd be
And all I've done is fall
If my brain were fucking normal
I could have had it all.
I don't think about a future
I'm stuck living in the past
I want to go back, do it right
Because it all went by too fast.
Nostalgia is my ball and chain
It's keeping me stuck here
Never moving forward now
The unknown future is fear

One Reply to “I’m gone”

  1. You have a talent there with your Poetry there Use it for good You Have too Find Positvity In yourself Hope everything will be alright With you Much Luv Stay Positive there’s reasons too Be happiness you got too find it you will Prayers are with you šŸŒ·šŸŒ·


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